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Andy Deeming


Having spent over 25 years in the heating and lighting controls industry, including 20 as Technical Director for leading manufacturers of controls, I have been closely involved with the development of intelligent products which work together.  Whereas once products used to communicate with each other in proprietary way (and so would only work with products from the same manufacturer) it is now possible for many different products from different sources to be integrated together to get the right system to suit your home.

Using our knowledge and experience we have carefully selected the best products from leading manufacturers and can integrate them so you have a strong, reliable smart home control system.

Brands we work with

The highest quality products from established manufacturers with excellent service and support.

How we can help

Using our experience coupled with a deep understanding of applications and product design, we can tailor a solution to suit your requirements.

We create solutions and deliver them to work for real people in their homes. Smart homes used to be the preserve of the extremely wealthy or “geeky”. We aim to deliver robust solutions that “just work”; in the background your home will be doing all of the tasks you require, but with the ability for you to interact and control your home with smartphones and tablets both in and out of the home.